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You are here for one reason: you are looking for THAT job.
You know, the job which engages and challenges you, enriches and rewards you, and yet makes you feel like you are part of a greater ideal – you are the jigsaw piece which happily completes the puzzle to the most beautiful painting in the world.

We are looking for:


This is how we see ourselves at Vets for Life:

  • Our colleagues are our work family – we care for each other, we take care of each other
  • We pay it forward – we help each other grow and improve to be better versions of ourselves
  • We are cohesive and united – we know it takes a village, and no one shines brighter than the rest
  • Commitment is everything – we commit to each other, to the animals we care for, to our customers and to our work
  • We learn from each other – we train, consult and share our knowledge
  • We want to improve – we know we can always do better
  • We know it’s important to have fun – we take time to decompress, we enjoy each other’s company outside work, we laugh at ourselves
  • We respect and are respectful of each other – we know everyone wants and deserves to be respected and treated fairly
  • Everybody has their goals, ideals and dreams – we help them meet their needs
  • We have gadgets and gizmos aplenty – we are not hamstrung by inadequate technology
  • We take pride in our work – we do not want to fall short
  • And hey, we pay very well!

Are you ready to be part of
the Vets for Life family?

Check out what we’re looking for:
  • You identify with all the qualities we see in ourselves (scroll up if you missed that part)
  • You are a darn good at your work – you didn’t need us to tell you this, right?
  • You’re a professional animal lover
  • You’ve got what it takes
  • You actually care about the place you work at
Pet dental services Singapore
Pet dental services Singapore

If we have somehow managed to
tug at your heartstrings, let’s talk.

Did we say that we love coffee and cakes?

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Here at Vets for Life, we are always looking
at growing bigger, better and stronger.